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Since 2005 Elvis & Kresse have been rescuing raw materials, transforming them into luxury lifestyle accessories and donating 50% of profits back to charities. 

In 2005 they had a chance encounter with the London Fire Brigade. When they learned that London's damaged decommissioned hoses were headed to landfill they mounted a rescue. 

They set up Elvis & Kresse to save it. For over a decade none of London’s fire-hose has gone to landfill and over 175 tons of material has been reclaimed.In 2017 the Burberry Foundation partnered with Elvis & Kresse to tackle the even greater global problem of leather waste. This Five-year partnership will see at least 120 tonnes of leather off-cuts from Burberry re-crafted into new luxury items, designed and sold by Elvis & Kresse.

"We have partnered with Burberry Foundation to solve our most ambitious material challenge to date: the vast amounts of waste created through the production of leather goods. As part of a new five-year partnership, Elvis & Kresse have received a grant from the Burberry Foundation to support this work.

 We will also transform at least 120 tonnes of leather off cuts from the production of Burberry products into accessories and homeware.Half of the profits from this range will be donated to charitable causes focused on renewable energy. The remaining half will be reinvested to expand our work in reducing and reusing waste, protecting the environment and inspiring craftspeople.It is estimated that each year, 800,000 tonnes of leather waste is produced by the global leather industry. 

No matter how carefully patterns for leather goods are planned, high quality, unused, freshly tanned and dyed leather falls to the cutting room floor as seemingly unusable pieces. We have designed a system which transforms these fragments into components which are then hand woven, piece by piece, into a new kind of hide which is unrestricted by size or shape. 

Through this partnership, we will demonstrate how the traditional leather goods supply chain can be disrupted and changed for the better. We want to ignite the maker’s movement and inspire others to use their creativity and craftsmanship to reengineer waste material to invent new, beautiful goods to be cherished. We are constantly searching for more materials to grow our range of bags, belts and wallets, and have rescued over 175 tonnes so far. "

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