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Engaging with The Great Outdoors

As passionate advocates of outdoor and creative play, Forest School practitioners and Early Years teachers Kay and Jo set up The Den Kit Company to encourage children away from omnipresent screens and to give them the opportunity to enjoy nature and engage with the great outdoors. 

Their Den Kits are designed to allow children of all ages the chance to build their own hand-crafted, temporary retreats in any outdoor space, from small gardens or balconies to forest settings and on the beach. The kits include all the equipment needed with no complicated instructions and no requirement for any previous den-building experience! 

They include no plastic and no batteries, just unadulterated fun. As well as appealing to a child’s sense of adventure, the Den Kits provide an effective teaching tool with children having the opportunity to explore their own creativity along with problem solving skills and critical thinking within the multi-sensory experience. 

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