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As the name may suggest, the beautiful woven bags and home accessories by Dutch brand Handed By are handwoven and handmade by skilled artisans in Vietnam and China using centuries-old craft techniques and Asian traditions and customs. 

Made from recycled materials such as recycled plastic and bamboo, Handed By’s aim is to produce superior quality products that leave the smallest possible footprint on the environment whilst also ensuring each product is manufactured ethically and 100% free of child labour.

Working closely with their craftspeople, the team at Handed By regularly visit their villages and take the time to understand their day to day lives and build personal partnerships to ensure the best possible working conditions for their partners. 

They also ensure their involvement in discussing product and material developments to allow them to provide the best quality products – something that is not only important to the team at Handed By but also to the artisans themselves who are deeply proud of the work they do.

Handed By offer regular work to approximately 300 qualified craftswomen all of whom are fully engaged with the brand and have a real love for their trade. This continual work ensures the women can provide for the basic needs of their families and communities such as safe housing, healthcare and education for their children. 

The brand continually researches and develops their techniques, applications and the materials they use to remain ahead of the game in their field and offer their customers quality, handmade products that combine the use of traditional crafts to repurpose modern waste materials.

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