Upcycle Your Spring Wardrobe

Upcycle Your Spring Wardrobe 2019

Lisa Ripley - our In-Store Stylist in Henley-on-Thames - gives us some style advice this Spring 

When you put a metaphorical pen to paper, you can of course only talk from your own experience and at the moment I am having the most thorough de-clutter ever. 

Throwing out the old, bringing in the new to add and compliment those favourite wardrobe staples that see you through thick and thin. Clothes, the memories they evoke and the process of ‘the de-clutter’ are a pure metaphor for life. My rules (although I do try and stay away from rules and more guidance!) exist so I can maximise my wardrobe but also so I can keep it feeling current without being a slave to trends - so here goes; 

If I haven’t worn it in the past two years then I’m not going to – time to give it away, box it up or frame it as a memory of past fashion accomplishments (or to celebrate those fashion disasters!).

If it doesn’t fit, get rid of it. By the time it fits you, it will be out of fashion. Be brutal here – don’t put the pressure on yourself to wedge yourself back into jeans that are two sizes too small when you have others that fit.

The thing that makes my heart race is colour pattern and texture all worn at the same time preferably, with accessories, necklaces, earrings, rings, scarves of all shapes and sizes and sunnies ... they pull the look together and add individuality.

I don’t want to dictate what is trendy, we should wear what suits us as individuals. This will change depending on your shape and size and your colouring and proportions - colour is key and different to each individual. We generally have a gut feeling, a sense of what suits us, go with it and push the boundaries a little!

I always start with the basics and build on with layers that give me my look. Vest tops, short sleeve tee shirts and long sleeved basic tops in all colours give me my base layer. Invest in the basics as these are the things that you wear the most and if they are great quality and fit well they will be an investment that will stand the test of many washes.

Choose colours that really shine and add a glow to your face. You can wear black, grey, and navy all day every day but add a big scarf or a statement necklace to liven and personalise your outfit. 

Finish off by adding in some big earrings and a slather of lip stick you will feel like a new you. 

Top Tips

  • Keep all jewellery and scarves out where you can see them, if they are tucked in a drawer you will never wear them. 

  • If I am wearing flared or loose at the bottom I wear fitted on the top, even if I then layer up with something looser like a soft bomber jacket or a loose cardigan. If I have a loose or shapeless top on I will wear skinny jeans, jeggings or leggings on the bottom. My mantra, dress in a sack you look like a sack. Wear fitted and layer it to hide the bits you don’t like! 

  • Don’t ever tell everyone about the bits you don’t like, they will focus on them, keep it your secret! Accept compliments gracefully and thank the person that gave it - it’s a win win, you feel good - they feel good ... do not bat the compliment back with a negative comment about yourself!

  • Last top tip, don’t look as if you have tried too hard! Make it look effortless, slam a dressy outfit down with a pair of trainers or plimsoles, never save anything for best, that dressy dress you love put it on, put it on today with a leather jacket, grunge it up a bit! 

Seasonal Style

For the coming season, I will be wearing longer length dresses and I will be investing in a pair of wide legged 3 quarter length jeans, bright colours and colours that clash together and continuing to wear patterns from head to toe!I will be wearing winter white, during winter spring and summer, all shades of white cream and beige together, even a pair of white boots which I’ll endeavour to wear all year round (I know – strange but true!)

These are the simplest, most cost effective tools to update your wardrobe in a flash! Add some or all of these to your existing wardrobe Spring clean and the comments and compliments will fly in!

For more styling tips and tricks – follow us on Instagram and Facebook or why not pop into one of our fashion stores for friendly and helpful advice on how you can update and reinvigorate your wardrobe this Spring!        

Lisa Ripley - In-Store Stylist
 Spring Wardrobe 2019
Lisa Ripley - our In-Store Stylist, Henley
Lisa Ripley