The good life

Most of us want a piece of the ‘Good Life’. A life much slower and simpler. A life that moves away from technology and fast-paced busy schedules and embraces a more rich and fulfilling way of living. Following the numerous lockdowns we’ve been in and out of over the last two years, we’ve all had a little taste of it. Utilising the free-time we’ve had during the pandemic and subsequent quarantine moments, we’ve been fulfilling our lives in different ways; minimising our screen-time, embracing our social conscience and putting our well-being at the fore. With so much time spent in our homes, it seemed the whole world was finding fulfilment in baking banana bread, creating sourdough starters, growing colourful vegetable patches and learning new crafting and artisanal skills.

Drawing inspiration from these ideals, you’ll find Cottage core, an interior style that is once again helping us connect with nature and live more sustainably. This charming aesthetic encapsulates the beauty of the countryside with its sprawling meadows and wildflowers. While it has an affinity with rural homes there are elements that can be adopted into urban properties too. It allows you to mix vintage pieces and repurposed items with floral prints and quaint patterns, cute ornaments and organic textures and woods. Homes are filled with fresh flowers, dried flowers and houseplants and everything is showcased on a warm, neutral backdrop, or the occasional feature floral wallpaper wall. Cottage core interiors reflect the common need for comfort and cosiness, but offer some touches of our British quirkiness to give each home its own personality. At its core it embraces the simpler side of life, so what’s not to like?

"Live a simple life; you will own the most beautiful treasures of the world!" Mehmet Murat

Add a little Cottagecore to your life: