A happy and healthy woman looking out to a peaceful sea and sky

Self-care throughout self-isolation


During this time of self-isolation, there are many ways in which we can take advantage of having to 'slow down' and use this time for self-care, re-connecting and refreshing ourselves. Here are some of our ideas to help inspire you...



It is really important to look after our mental health and wellbeing during this period. Try and take a quiet moment to yourself each day, light a beautifully scented candle, cosy up and read. We have various self-care books which can help you to explore mindfulness, relaxation and positive thinking. Or if you are able to, you could pour that bath you've been promising yourself for a while, add some scented oils or bath salts, pop on a facemask or eye mask, lie back and let the outside world melt away.


This is a time for experimenting with recipes, going back to basics and cooking from scratch! We may not have all of our usual chosen foods and ingredients at home, but there are plenty of ways we can still create delicious and nutritious meals. Start by going through your cupboards, fridge and freezer and make a note of what items you have. There are various apps and websites such as Supercook* and Allrecipes Dinner Spinner* where you can input the ingredients you have available and they will search the web for recipes you can make with them! Take your time cooking, enjoy the process and savour the food that you've created. 

(*we are not affiliated with these websites)

A happy and healthy woman looking out to a peaceful sea and sky

Home exercise 

You don't need to have the latest high tech equipment to be able to enjoy exercise at home. There are lots of Youtube channels where you can find Yoga and other exercise classes to help you. Local gyms and PT instructors are also now turning to live streaming their classes, enabling you to take part in group exercise from the safety of your own home. If you are able, then it is important to try and get some fresh air each day, in a safe way, as advised by the Government


Do you ever pick-up a book and then just don't seem to get the time to finish it? Well now is that time! Reading is great for relaxing and switching off at the end of the day. Try turning off your mobile phone an hour before you head to bed and read the book you promised yourself you'd start instead!

A happy and healthy woman looking out to a peaceful sea and sky


How many of us have tasks at home that they are always putting off? This extra time could be used to complete the chores that we don't normally get around to. Re-organise your kitchen cupboards, sort out the bag of old clothes in your wardrobe, so it's ready to go to a charity shop (when it's safe to do so) or finish off painting the bathroom which you bought paint for last year!


Is there anything you've always wanted to study, but didn't feel you could make room for it in your busy schedule? Currently lots of educators have opened up free courses for people to use whilst they are self-isolating. You could use this time to learn a new skill and come out of it with greater knowledge and experience.

A happy and healthy woman looking out to a peaceful sea and sky


For those who are lucky enough to have some outdoor space of their own (garden / balcony / courtyard / patio) you could use this time to get green fingered and plant seeds for flowers, vegetables or herbs. The satisfaction of watching something you've planted grow is huge, especially if you are then able to add it into your home cooking once it's ready.


We live in a busy world where we are always juggling lots of balls and we're not always able to be as 'present' with our loved ones as we'd like. This period can be used to re-connect. Enjoy taking part in activities with your kids, Facetime a friend you haven't spoken to for a while and call your Grandma to check-in. Please don't be afraid to reach out. We are all in this together and we will all help each other through it!



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