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Charcoal Water Filter


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Binchotan active charcoal.

34 in stock

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Binchotan active charcoal.  Recharge the charcoal after 3 months of
usage; boil in water for 10 minutes and then leave to dry in sunlight.
From Black+Blum.

x1 Charcoal filter.

From the successful Charcoal Filter Range by Black+Blum, Binchotan
active charcoal is used to filter water by absorbing impurities such as
chlorine. It has been used by the Japanese for over 500 years and will
make your tap water taste great. This range was created to encourage
people to stop buying expensive bottled water and adding to the
continuing single-use plastic global environmental problem. These
charcoal refills are pre-washed and vacuum sealed so they are ready for
immediate use. Simply drop the charcoal into your water, we recommend
one stick per litre, then leave for 1 hour (8 is best) and enjoy your
filtered water. Each charcoal will last for 6 months as a water filter,
simply recharge after the first 3 months use. They are then recyclable
for other uses around the home. They fit in Eau Good, Eau Good Glass,
Eau Carafe and all Box Appetit water bottles but can also be used any
jug or bottle.


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