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Trivia Caravan

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About this ‘Bohemian Nights Trivia Game’:
The bohemian nights trivia game is here to spice up the conversation and get the table talking. Let this brightly patterned campervan entertain your guests and stretch your knowledge of art, culture, music and travel. Travel across the globe from where you sit at your dinner table and put your general knowledge to the test. While it’s a brilliant addition to your board game collection, it also travels well itself. Its compact shape makes it a lightweight addition to any travel backpack, so you’ll have a little piece of entertainment for the airport, the plane, or around the campfire.

Contents: Each game contains 80 trivia question cards

Recommended for age 12+ and 2+ players

How to play this ‘Bohemian Nights Trivia Game’:
Though compact, the bohemian nights trivia game contains 80 challenging trivia questions to get even the most seasoned player to scratch their head. Wherever you decide to play: around the table, over a glass of wine on the sofa or somewhere along your travels, take it in turns to read out trivia questions while the rest of the players confer to find the answer.

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