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//Pimp your Prosecco

Pimp your Prosecco

It’s getting to that time of year when prosecco is always on the brain, and to celebrate Prosecco Season we’ve put together everything you need to pimp your Prosecco. From spicing up a simple glass to creating your very own Prosecco cocktails, we’ve got it all right here.


We’re sure you’ve all heard of beer pong and now you’re picturing typical student parties playing beer pong over a grubby table with cheap beer in plastic red party cups – not exactly the epitome of class. If you want the fun and competitive element of beer pong with a bit of sophistication, then try Prosecco Pong! It’s the perfect competitive outlet for the classy lady within all of us. In the set you’ll get 12 reusable plastic glasses along with 3 pink ping pong balls to get you going – all you need to do is supply the Prosecco!


To bring a bit of style to your Prosecco, why not add some Clementine & Ginger syrup to your glass? This syrup is a perfect blend of fruity clementine, fresh root ginger and a dash of chilli, and it creates an irresistible addition to any glass of Prosecco. This syrup also doubles as a great ice cream topper, too!


This Prosecco recipe book is home to some truly delicious cocktail recipes, perfect to spruce up your regular glass of bubbly. These tantalising recipes deserve the finest drink stirrers to accompany them – we love these gold ended pineapple stirrers.

We’ve chosen some of our favourite cocktail recipes for you to try out.

Prosecco Classico:

Angostura bitters
1 sugar cube
A dash of brandy
125ml well-chilled Prosecco

Drop a few dashes of bitters onto the sugar cube and place it in a chilled champagne flute. Add the brandy and pour over the Prosecco.

Prosecco Mojito:

10 mint leaves
1 teaspoon sugar
½ lime
35ml white rum
Well-chilled Prosecco

Put the mint leaves, sugar and wedges of lime into a glass, add the rum and stir. Fill the glass with ice and top with Prosecco. 


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