Established as a foundation in 1967, Afroart’s aim was to support, develop and spread awareness of third world crafts and folk art.

Initially, focused on the African continent, it was later expanded to include countries in Latin America and Asia. The inspiration for their first shop came from the opening of an art school in South Africa by a group of Swedish artists, they introduced new ideas and the work created at the school soon attracted international interest. From these beginnings the business grew with the aim to support new work and opportunities in regions of the world where craft is a main source of income. At Vinegar Hill we are proud to stock beautiful Christmas decorations by these talented artists.

Supported by international development grants, Afroart has sent volunteers as advisors to developing countries. They import their handicrafts, either direct from the producers or through organisations connected to the World Fair Trade Organisation.

Their beautiful products are handmade by artisans based in the following countries:

Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Ecuador, Ivory Coast, El Salvador, the Philippines, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Cambodia, Cameroon, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Mali, Morocco, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria , Pakistan, Senegal, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Tanzania, Vietnam, Uganda.