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Friendship at Christmas

Christmas is a great time for friends, family and festive cheer. For many people it’s the time of year for celebration and finding time to spend with your friends and loved ones.

For some of us, Christmas shopping can be quite the chore, but for many of us, planning shopping trips with friends is one of the best parts of Christmas. It doesn’t get much more Christmassy than wrapping up warm and wandering around an outdoor Christmas market. As the late-night opening hours arrive the shops are full of wintery window displays and fantastic decorations and gift ideas.

When it comes to Christmas presents some people love to head to a favourite shop or brand to stock up on gifts, some people like to find unique handmade presents at the Christmas markets, and some like the idea of making their own.


Homemade gifts are a personalised way to show people how much you think of them and how well you know them. If you fancy making some of your gifts this year, then look no further, we’ve come up with a few ideas to get you started, catering to all budgets.

Pamper Hamper

Buy a lovely wicker hamper or wooden crate or gift wrap a cardboard box and fill it full of wonderful personalised products and pamper gifts. This can easily be personalised to include lots of different items to spoil your loved ones. Items can include favourite foods, treats, drinks, pamper items, toiletries, notebooks, pens or any other little gifts they’d enjoy. To pamper your female friends and family, some of our favourite items are from the Folklore gift collection; juicy raspberry lip balm or super sweet honey bear hand cream are lovely additions.

Memory Scrapbook

Fill a book with memories for your loved one. Whether from years gone by or just from the past year, this is a great way to share good times and give them a gift they won’t forget. Not only is this is a caring and personalised gift, which will be a special keepsake, it is also easy to do on a smaller budget.

‘Open When’ Letters

This unique idea is sure to touch people’s hearts when opened. Write out a series of personal letters to your friend be opened on set occasions or when needed. These letters are a great way to give your friend a little pick-me-up even when you are not around. They can be especially thoughtful for someone with a tough year ahead, someone who’s going to have some hard anniversaries in the coming the year, or someone who will be away from home this year. Write on the front of each envelope when it’s to be opened.

Some letter ideas could be:

    • Open when you are sad
    • Open when you are really happy
    • Open when you need a pick me up
    • Open when you are bored
    • Open on your birthday
    • Open when you miss home/a person
    • Open on a specific anniversary


In the age of digital photography sometimes we forget how beneficial it can be to have photos of great memories and family and friends around us. If you have a loved one that can’t have a lot of photos on the wall or store images, why not buy them a pretty box and fill it with photos of happy memories, family members and times you know mean alot to them. You could get up-to-date photos from their family and friends to put in it for them to enjoy. This is a lovely gift for older people who might have old photos you can get copies of to add in, and for family pictures of grandchildren that are growing up fast, it also works well for people away from home like those that work away or are going to university. A great way to keep home nearby.


If you can knit even a basic knit and purl stitch then a beautiful scarf is a very easy to do. Buy some lovely wool in their favourite colour and it’s not difficult to put together a truly thoughtful Christmas gift. For families with new babies a baby blanket is another easy but effective and very personal gift. It might take a bit more time but it’s great for people on a small budget that want to give a very personalised gift that will show how much you care.

Food & Drink

Who doesn’t love a great jam or marmalade? If you’re good in the kitchen why not make a nice batch of jam, marmalade, lemon curd or chutney to give to friends and family. With an increase in this homemade market there are now a wide variety of beautiful jars and jar covers to make this gift extra special in its presentation.

Other options include making; chocolate truffles, a Christmas cake, Christmas cupcakes, marzipan fruits, fudge or a homemade jar of their favourite sweets.

A nice bottle of homemade sloe gin or infused vodka can go down a treat too.

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