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//Boxing Day inspiration

Boxing Day inspiration

Boxing Day is traditionally celebrated on 26th December, the day after Christmas. Many people use this day to eat Christmas leftovers, sleep off any alcohol consumption and generally relax. However, if you want to change this tradition and do something different with your Boxing Day, then we some great ideas of how to spend your day.

Stretch your legs

Going for a walk on boxing day is a refreshing way to get some fresh air, unwind from any Christmas stress, walk off any excess eating, move away from family tensions and take in some good old country air. There are beautiful countryside routes everywhere across England. We have even put together a Pinterest board to inspire you to get the walking boots on over the holiday period.

Light up your life

There are some lovely light displays all around England during the festive period. Why not wrap up warm on Boxing Day and take the family for a walk around your town to see some enchanting Christmas lights before they’re gone. Sometimes in the busyness of Christmas we don’t get the time to see the Christmas lights in our local town and before we remember they’re gone again. There are also some beautiful light displays that will reopen on Boxing Day, look out for one near you.

Poker face

Boxing Day is the perfect day each year to gather the family together and enjoy some great board games. Monopoly, marbles, Snakes and Ladders, quizzes, Christmas anagrams or a good old drinking game. Bring the family together (or tear it apart in some cases) with competitive fun to continue the festivities into Boxing Day.


You can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man

Why not save your gingerbread baking for Boxing Day. Enjoy some quality time with your friends and family while baking some delicious ginger treats to enjoy right up until the New Year. Gingerbread houses, gingerbread men, gingerbread women and gingerbread cookies, stick on some Christmas music for the last time and choose your preferred shape.

Good old fashioned reading

This one’s for the introverts or those that just need some quiet time. Pick up a book. We all have a book somewhere that we keep meaning to read, or a favourite book that we want to read again, or a new one we got for Christmas (or someone else got and we intend to borrow it!) Use the time off work to sit down in your favourite chair, with a hot drink and hopefully some peace and quiet, and get transported to another place and time in the pages of a good old fashioned book.

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