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Autumn Trends


Indoor plants are a great way to bring colour and tranquility into your home. As well aesthetics, indoor plants also bring a lot of health benefits. Plants remove toxins from the air and produce oxygen, making breathing better overall. Many studies have shown that plants can improve concentration and focus, making working and studying easier. Some plant favourites this year are cacti and succulents. These are relatively easy plants to care for and come in lots of different sizes so you can find the perfect succulent for you. For the more accident prone, Aloe Vera is a great kitchen plant to have to hand, containing antioxidant and antibacterial properties for those painful cuts and burns. Air purifier plants are another excellent addition to any home, their colourful and intriguing presence not only brighten up the room, but clean up the air at the same time, making it feel lighter.

Blush Pink

Pinks have been a huge colour trend for the last two seasons and this autumn blush pink is taking over. Blush pink is ideal for fashion and interiors, providing an easy-to-match tone and bring a room or outfit together perfectly. It works seamlessly with dark neutrals of navy, chocolate black and grey. Blush pink has also been a key feature in embroidered patterns this year. A huge interior trend this autumn is blush grey and copper tones. From bedding to soft furnishings, these colours sit perfectly together to bring a cosy atmosphere to any room. Blush coats and jackets are a perfect staple piece for autumn to bring soft colour to every outfit.


Another staple colour this autumn is teal. The perfect colour to add to any outfit or bring into any room. As well as being a perfect match with white, pinks and gold and brown tones, teal is also a great solo colour to establish throughout your home. Teal is ideal for dressing furniture throughout your home. Teal tones can be worn at any time of day, whether it’s work wear or for a night out. Vinegar Hill has some gorgeous teal decorative items, candles and soft furnishings.

Colour blocking

Colour blocking is usually taking opposite colours and pairing them together for colour combinations that are interesting and complementary. This autumn there is a lot of colour blocking to be seen. Multi-coloured cushions and throws are the perfect way to dress up pieces of furniture in your home. Trending colour combinations this autumn are pink, green and grey, and bright bold colours such as red, orange and green, paired with black and white neutrals. If bright and colourful clothing items aren’t for you, try toning it down by pairing a coloured coat with a colourful scarf.


Velvet is the up and coming fabric this autumn after a huge presence the last two seasons. Velvet fashion alone has taken over with anything from velvet boots to high neck tops. Velvet wide leg trousers in dark tones and velvet dresses are a huge staple this autumn. Chokers and bags are a great way to incorporate velvet into your style without being too extravagant. Our favourite thing has to be velvet interiors and Vinegar Hill has some stunning pieces in store for your home.


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