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The name Vinegar Hill derives from a small town we stumbled upon whilst visiting the wonderful islands of New Zealand. As a business we really wanted a name that summed up what an independent store should be all about – unique, original and interesting. And so the name of our business was born!

Established in 1997, Vinegar Hill remains a close family run business. It is owned and managed by siblings Beth, Debbie and Richard Austin who have a passion for buying stylish and inspiring products from all over the World. Paired with a commitment to offering unmatched service, this has helped to develop a unique environment in our Lifestyle Stores.

The first store opened in Stratford upon Avon and with a lot of support from our customers and the great people who work for us, it became a success. As the business has grown it has never lost sight of its original values and identity – it still feels very much like an independent store and it is this philosophy that sees our customers return again and again.